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A Crying Baby, Choking, Burns or Scalds, Respiratory & Circulatory System, CPR, Drowning, F.I.S.H  S.H.A.P.E.D, Febrile Seizures, Heart Attack, Heatstroke, HSAWA 1974, Hypoxic Drive, Kinetic Rules, Multiple Casualties, Recovery Position, Severe Bleeding, Shock, Silent Heart Attack, Skin & Blood, Stroke, Unconscious Casualty, What is Anaphylaxis? & Many Health & Safety Rhymes.


Sample Adult Choking

For an adult who is choking
Don’t panic! And don’t shout,
Stay calm and reassure them
Encourage coughing out.

If that is not effective
Still congestion of the neck,
Slap between the shoulder blades
After five! Re-check.

Next! Heimlich manoeuvre
Was his technique to fame,
But does not like back slaps
Associated with his name.

Now it’s called abdominal thrusts
What this is all about!
By forcing up the diaphragm
Might force the blockage out.

So stand behind the casualty
Place hands round waist to front,
Grasp fist pull in and upward
Enough to make them grunt.

Always check between each phase
To see if clear and fine,
If after 3 attempts have failed
You must call 999.

911 Alternative
Always check between each phase
To see if you are done,
If after 3 attempts have failed
You must call 911.

Breast Cancer

Dear Bill,

Thank you for sending this poem to us, we
really enjoyed reading it! It is great to hear
about people spreading awareness of the signs
and symptoms of breast cancer in their own lives,
you are right that early diagnosis is crucial in the
fight against breast cancer. Thank you for taking
the time to send this to us.

All the best,

Josephine Brady
(on behalf of the rest of Breast Cancer Campaign)

Public Affairs and Policy Officer
T: 0207 749 3729
E: jbrady@breastcancercampaign.org

Breast Cancer

Hello Bill

Many thanks for your lovely email and poem which
I’ve forwarded to our team who look after our supporter
magazine and newsletters to see if they are interested in
publishing it in an edition later this year.

It was very kind of you to think of others in this way.

With kind regards

Dawn Grover
Supporter Care Manager
T: 020 7749 3723
E: dgrover@breastcancercampaign.org

Blood Donation

Dear Mr McKechnie

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

I have read your lovely poem, and we are so grateful
that you have sent this to us. We have passed this on
to our Marketing Manager, and he would like this to be
placed on our facebook site, with your name of course.

Therefore, we would just like to confirm that you would
be happy for us to publish your poem and your name on
our facebook page. You can let us know by replying to
this email.

Once again, thank you for all your support, and we
look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

Ian Hamerton
Head of Donor Services
E-mail: customer.services@nhsbt.nhs.uk

Adult Choking in Rhyme

Dear Bill

PALS were delighted to received you poem
entitled ‘Choked’ and shared your email with
the Communications Directorate and Patient
Engagement Directorate of NHS Coventry
& Warwickshire.

We are all very impressed and the Communications
Team will be in touch with you in the very near future.


Kindest Regards
Carmen Brady
Interim PALS Co-ordinator
NHS Coventry
Christchurch House
Greyfriars Lane
02476 246002

CPR in Rhyme

My name is ********* ****** a Practice Manager
for 35 years in Warwick and as is expected of us,
we carry out our annual CPR training for all clinical
and non clinical staff. I have yet to find anything
that has helped our staff retain the information as
easily as Bill's excellent poem has. We will endeavour
to use this as a reminder of the process on a regular

A great asset for the Practice handbook.


First Aid in Rhyme

Hi Bill,
Thanks so much for getting in touch and sharing
your first aid poems with us - we think they are great!
This might be something we can share with our
Facebook fans to make it available to a wider
audience and encourage more people to spread
the word about learning first aid.
Kind regards
Vicki Robinson, PR Assistant
St John Ambulance, 27 St John's Lane,
London EC1M 4BU
020 7324 4213


First Aid in Rhyme

Hi Bill,

Great suff - do you mind if we put them on our
web site and Facebook page and credit you?

Best regards

Paul Hosking
Managing Director
01985 843100 f: 01985 843103

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First Aid in Rhyme

Dear Bill

I think they are great! Would I be able to use
any of them and put them out on Social media
if I ensure that you are appropriately credited?

Very best wishes
Tel 0208 675 4036

Stroke in Rhyme

Dear Bill,

Thank you for your recent email sharing your
poems about the symptoms of stroke. I really
enjoyed reading your poem and have shared this
with the rest of the team. At the Stroke Association
we work to raise awareness of stroke.

Yours sincerely
Eliza Hakes
Stoke Information Service


AoFA Qualifications

Hi Bill 

So sorry for not getting back to you sooner,
its been a very busy week. 
The poems are great
and I will happily add to our list of forthcoming
newsletters with a fairest aid audience of 22,000 plus. 

Kind regards,

Lucille Aspinall
Marketing Manager
AoFA Qualifications
(01908) 610093