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Composer, Poet, Songwriter, Entertainer, Founder of Wheelchair Line Dancing in the UK, Germany & Paris

A Few of My Achievements 'NEVER SAY NEVER'

My Christmas Song Fluffy Snow 2014

I was told it was impossible to have a Christmas hit without the backing from a publisher or a record label. I do have a publisher called BobbiLynn Forbus from Oregon USA who sent me emails and facebook messages reguarly telling me how much promoting she was doing but failed to supply proof. So I guess I am going it alone.

I released a single called Fluffy Snow this year thanks to the help of the awesome Harmony Creatives E.R. (Artist) who designed and painted the cover art. Fluffy Snow is available from most online digital music stores and a short sample is available on youtube HERE

Buy Fluffy Snow for £0.99 then email me proof of purchase and I will send you an invite to a dropbox folder containing 12 MP3 files of my other music available on amazon worth £11.88.  Nutty Christmas is not included in the offer. 


Click on the awesome artwork to see offer on 12 MP3's

Wheelchair Line Dancing 1997 till 2002

March 1997 I was told wheelchair line dancing was impossible due to feet movments, speed and direction of travel. In May I became the founder of it in the UK, I was then invited to Germany in 1998 to teach it and in 2000 I was invited with my wheelchair line dance team The Wheel-A-Billy Rockers to give a demonstration at the European line dance championships in Paris.

This is the article written in the French Magazine. The Wheel-A-Billy Rockers received a standing ovation from the audience and were presented with a Trophy from the Mayor of Paris. If you can remember the Wheel-A-Billy Rockers? If you have any photographs? Please email them to me so I can include them on my site. Thank you.



Click on the photograph to read how to transfer feet movents to the hands. These are only basic moves as there is lots of room for personal styling as there is in line dancing

Letter from Buckingham Palace 2013

I was told it was a waste of time sending my poetry to the Queen as she would never read them or even know about them. Below is the letter dated 23rd March from Buckingham Palace from the 1st lady in waiting on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, thanking me for my 'Splendid Poetry'

Burns or Scalds / Choking / CPR / A Crying Baby / Drowning / Febrile Seizures / F.I.S.H  S.H.A.P.E.D 10 most common causes of unconsciousness / Heart Attack / Heatstroke / The Circulatory & Respiratory System / Hypoxic Drive / Multiple Casualties / Recovery Position / Severe Bleeding / Shock / Silent Heart Attack / Skin & Blood / Stroke / Unconscious Casualty / What is Anaphylaxis? + 23 rhymes on Health & Safety.



Click on the photograph to read a sample of my First Aid + Health & Safety in Rhyme Book

If you do not have a kindle? you can download the Kindle App onto Laptop, Ipad, Iphone or Android

UK Song-writing Competition 2013

I was told I would never get anywhere with my music because I have no background in it. I can't read or write it and I am only an amateur keyboard player. I entered lyrics and music to the UK songwriting contest in 2013 and was quite surprised with the results.



Click on the photograph so see the results for all lyrics and music entered. Once you reach their site type Bill Mckechnie into the search box and then select Get Results!

My Audition That Was Not Televised 2013

I was told it was a waste of time applying for Britain's Got Talent as they would not be interested in my armchair line dancing. I taught Stephen Mulhern from Britain's Got More Talent ITV2, Ant & Dec, the audience, Alisha & Simon Saturday Night Fever with their hands. Amanda & David joined me on stage to dance it properly. I was buzzed off but Simon kindly alllowed me to demonstrate a line dance called It's A Beast Choreographed by Rob Fowler



Click on the photograph to watch the video on youtube of my actual audition from 0:52

Asked to Represent The UK on A World Peace CD 2014

I was told I would never be a recognised composer of Classical Music with no background training in that genre. I was asked if I could compose a piece of music to fit around a poem written by the President of Israel Shimon Peres in 2006 called Ray of Hope.

The president donated his poem to the Songweavers who translated it into many languages then invited composers from all over the world to create their own masterpieces. To date over 50 Countries have produced over 100 versions to his poem.

My version is a Viennese Waltz track 6 under my Christian name William Mckechnie. All net profits from this CD and other CD's go to the Peres Center for Peace & St Jude's Children's Hospital


Click on the photograph to listen to my version and watch the slide show I made