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Click on this artwork to listen to a short sample on youtube.

A special thanks to
Harmony Creatives (Artist)

Jass Lall (Sponsor)

Genuine offer ends Midnight Christmas Eve 2014

Email me proof of purchase for Fluffy Snow and I will email you an invite to a dropbox folder containing 12 free MP3's.


Click on this artwork to listen to three short samples on youtube in a chipmunks voice with a Scottish accent.


Ideally suited for children between the age of 4 & 11. Album goes live this Wednesday but can be pre-ordered.



1     Angel Said (Bereavement song)
2     You're Always in My Heart (Mother's Day Song)
3     Sol Vero Waltz (7 Viennese Waltzes shortened to form 1)
4     Short & Sweet (Orchestra Swing)

5     Land of Father's (1960 Style Western)
6     Flying High (Country)
7     Fools Gold (Bluegrass)
8     Take Me To The Dance Floor (Techno)
9     Maybe (Techno)
10   Moving on and Never Looking Back (6-8 March)
11   Madeira (6 - 8 March)
12   Scotland's Glory (Scottish Reel)



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